Speak English confidently

Welcome to Leider English School. Your destination if you want to improve your English. On this website you will find all our English Programs in The Netherlands.

Leider English School specializes in  programs that improve your English communication skills for personal and business purposes with a special focus on speaking skills.

We teach you to ” Speak UP”  We believe that you need  confidence and the ability to communicate simply and clearly about anything that is on your mind.

When you feel confident you unlock all the great skills you already have. We have excellent English programs and teachers and practice all kinds of life and business situations in a safe environment. You will develop all you English skills and build your strength and confidence.

We know what people need to build themselves up and we aspire to teach it to you. So please come and study with us and you will find out that it is an experience of a lifetime which benefits your personal and professional life.