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Are you ready to take your spoken English to the next level?

In this communication course you continually speak English, develop your vocabulary while also refreshing some grammar along the way. Your active participation in conversations on a wide variety of subjects will increase your fluency and confidence in English.

Speak Up 

The speak up courses come in three levels: pre-intermediate, intermediate and upper-intermediate.

Our Speak Up courses focus on improving your ability to speak in different situations. It works at improving specific speaking skills but will also practice reading, writing and listening. In the program below you can find more details about each course.

The Speak Up courses are all about preparing you for the situations where you have to speak and then practicing them. This means: planning, reading, listening and discussing things first before you start to speak.

One good example is the way we would prepare you for a job interview. First we would discuss background information. After that we would practice lots of specific questions  with the correct answers. We will repeat this until you feel confident and comfortable with them and can speak them naturally.

The next class we would add more difficult  questions. The  interviewer will make his interview style more difficult too. In this way we build your skills and knowledge step by step.


Speak Up English ProgramHoursPeriodPrice
Speak Up Program
Speak Up Program
1. Pre - Intermediate364 weeks640 EUR
546 weeks950 EUR
9010 weeks1580 EUR
2. Intermediate364 weeks640 EUR
546 weeks950 EUR
9010 weeks1580 EUR
3. Upper - Intermediate364 weeks640 EUR
546 weeks950 EUR
9010 weeks1580 EUR
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  • Group size : 6 to 8 students 

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For the program, course structure and learning outcomes click below.

Speak Up Training Program :  Pre-Intermediate Click

Speak Up Training Program : SP_Intermediate

Speak Up Training Program : SP_Up-Intermediate