Intensive Speak-Up Program

Intensive English Utrecht

The intensive courses.

These are shorter programs with four three- hour classes per week. They boost your current level and give you a lot of practice in a short period of time.

The teaching and structure of the courses are similar to regular Speak-Up courses.

Speak Up 

The Intensive Speak-Up courses come in two levels: Pre-Intermediate and Intermediate.

Our Speak-Up courses focus on improving your ability to speak in different situations but have a complete program in which you work on all English skills. The classes are always interactive and the main focus is on developing your communication skills.

Of a three hour class at least 1,5- 2 hours is dedicated to speaking. The rest of the time is used for checking the homework and doing other language exercises. We keep the classes as creative and enjoyable as possible. We create an invironment in which everybody feels at home and is relaxed.

Group Size: 3-6 people

Intensive Speak Up courses
Intensive Speak-Up English Utrecht
Focus speaking:
Pre-Intermediate & Intermediate
36 hrs./3 hours per time/ 3 days per week23 Sep - 18 OctMon,Wed,Fri/ 13:00-16:00650 EUR650 EUR
(includes book)
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27 hrs./3 hours per time/ 3 days per week2 - 18 DecMon,Tue,Wed/ 13:00-16:00590 EUR590 EUR
(includes book)
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