Intensive Job Interview training (Private)

English Private Job Interview in Utrecht


Prepare yourself for your job-interview with our 6 week Intensive Job Interview Training.

After this course you will know who you are professionally, what you want to achieve, and how to present yourself to possible employers.


Course Program:
  • First we will analyse your resume and find out what you want;
  • After that we will systematically analyse all possible situations and questions you can face in your interview;
  • Then we discuss and prepare all the possible answers and the best way to present them;
  • Finally : practice, practice, practice and fine-tuning your performance.


It is a private course so there is always flexibilty to adjust the course to your situation.


Price full course : 720 EUR (this includes all study materials)
Schedule: 6 weeks/2 classes per week for 2 hours/total 24 hours.
You can also book individual job interview training sessions. The price is 40 euro per hour.

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