Intensive Job Interview training (Private)

English Private Job Interview in Utrecht


Master your interviewing skills with our 6 week Intensive Job Interview Training.

After this course you will know who you are professionally, what you want to achieve and how to present yourself to possible employers.

This course is very focused and students like it because we are working to achieve one specific goal in a short time.


          • First we will analyse your resumé and find out what you want;
          • After that we will systematically analyse all possible situations and questions you can face in your interview;
          • Then we discuss and prepare all the possible answers and the best way to present them;
          • Next it is: practice, practice, practice and finetuning your performance.


Price : 720 EUR (this inlcudes all study materials)
Schedule: 6 weeks/2 classes per week of 2 hours.

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