Ielts Leider English School
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Do you need to do the IELTS test to enter a university? Or for your professional advancement?

The IELTS exam training:
  • Teaches you all the skills you need to succeed in the exam;
  • Has skill-building exercises for listening, speaking, reading and writing;
  • Practices test taking strategies;
  • Uses the best Cambridge coursebook with all the practice materials, practice tests and answer keys.
  • Includes research into real IELTS candidates exam answers and mistakes so you can avoid making the same mistakes;
  • you practice real exams and get feedback on them.


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Course deadline:

Eight weeks before the start of your course when:

  • you require a visa;
  • or when you are booking accommodation with your course.


Three weeks before the start of your course when:

  • you are only booking a course.