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Public Transport in Utrecht

Public transport in Utrecht is very well organised, just like in the rest of the Netherlands. The central point for buses, trains and trams in Utrecht is Utrecht Central Station. Underneath the main hall of the railway station you can find the bus station. There are Connexxion buses that take you to other cities in the Netherlands, and GVU buses that take care of the transport in Utrecht. Trams can also be found on the station, they transport you to small cities around Utrecht and cross the city on their way there. Buses, however, are a more common way to travel around Utrecht. In the middle of the oval shaped bus station is an information desk where you can ask for travel information and buy an ‘OV-chipkaart’; bustickets that you can use for several bus rides. You can also buy single tickets when you enter a bus, but that is much more expensive.

On the website you can find schedules of the buses, specific for every bus stop you might need (in Dutch). On the website you can plan your route using all kinds of public transport in the Netherlands (in English).


The Netherlands is a country full of people… and their bikes! Every Dutchie has a bike. Or two, or even three in case the other two break down! The main transport used, are those bikes. Special bike lanes make it pretty safe to speed up downtown and find your way around. If you stay for some weeks and thoroughly want to experience the Dutch way of life, buy a bike! Make sure you use an extra lock to attach your bike to something that can’t be removed so easily, for example a tree!

  • Laag Catharijne rents bikes for € 7 p/bike p/day. Address: Catharijnesingel 34.
  • Fietspunt sells cheap second-hand bikes for about 80 euro. Address: Nobelstraat 293.

Never buy a (stolen) bike from someone on the street. This is illegal in the Netherlands.

Public services

In Utrecht you can visit the Tourist Information Office on Domplein (the square where the Dom tower and Dom church are located). There you will find all information about public services in Utrecht.